Specimen Self-Heating Control: WaveMatrix Materials Testing Software

Specimen Self-Heating Control (SSHC) is a powerful add-on for WaveMatrix™ software. This module is specifically designed to increase throughput and consistency during fatigue testing of composites and polymers by optimizing the test frequency.

With an easy to use interface, SSHC allows users to simply set and control a target temperature to within ± 0.5°C, based on a specimen temperature input from a thermocouple or infrared thermometer. A stable temperature is maintained throughout the test by automatically adjusting the test frequency.

SSHC is fully compatible with WaveMatrix Calculation and Advanced Control modules.

Optimized Performance

Allows your test to run the maximum frequency at all times, while keeping specimen temperature constant.

Testing Integrity

Control of specimen temperature reduces variances in test results caused by specimen heating effects.

Energy Efficiency

Shorter test duration reduces energy consumption.

Time Saving

In case studies SSHC has reduced the total test time for a fatigue life curve (S-N curve) by more than 25%.