Precision Manual Wedge Grips for Tension and Compression Testing


The new Instron® Precision Series Manual Wedge Grips provide accurate, repeatable, reliable gripping for alignment-sensitive tensile testing applications. They are based on the proven "moving body" approach, where the grip faces move horizontally to ensure minimal induced loads and excellent repeatability. Suitable for testing in compression with the proper adapters, the grips can be used from -80⁰ C to +250⁰ C (-112⁰ F to +482⁰ F) without changing lubricants.


These 100 kN (22,000 lbf) and 250 kN (56,000 lbf) capacity grips are designed specifically for applications where alignment is paramount - such as those governed by Nadcap maximum bending requirements. They are machined to tight tolerances, are symmetrical side to side and front to back, include a "floating base" for X-Y alignment, and provide anti-rotation for highly repeatable testing. In the proper load frame with the proper accessories (check with the factory), these grips are guaranteed to meet Nadcap AC7101 (metals) or AC7122 (composites).

Grip Lifting Accessory

The Grip Lifting Accessory facilitates easy movement and placement of the precision manual wedge grips for use on an Instron floor-mounted testing system. Ideal in situations where safety regulations limit the amount a person can lift without risk of injury, the grip accessory does all the heavy lifting of accessories weighing up to 500 lbs (250 kg).

Features Made for Alignment The Precision Wedge Grips include a "floating base" that allows the user to align the upper and lower grips to eachother by making small adjustments to the lower grip in the X-Y plane. Front Loading Flat specimens are easily loaded from the front of the grips. Easy Clamping A standard female 1/2" drive is provided on the front of the grip for opening and closing. An internal "worm gear" provides high torque magnification so only a small amount of torque is required to clamp/unclamp test specimens. Furthermore, the gear ratio is such that only one ot two turns of the handle are required to clamp or unclamp each specimen. Removable Handle The female drive socket allows the clamping/unclamping tool to be removed between each test. Therefore, for non-ambient testing, the handle is always at room temperature (outside the chamber), making grip operation much safer for high or low temperature testing. Compression Testing Whereas the grips are designed for tensile testing, they can also be used for compression testing with the proper adapters. "Piggy-back" compression platens and adapters allow compression fixtures and lower force load cells to be attached in series, thus avoiding the need to remove these heavy grips between setups. High and Low Temperature These grips can be used over the range of -80⁰ C to +250⁰ C (-112⁰ F to +482⁰ F) without changing lubricants. Debris Resistant Special sealing is built-in to prevent carbon fiber or corrosion/surface materials to contaminate the gripping mechanism. Easily cleaned surfaces makes for a high-use, low-maintenance grip. Simple Jaw Face Changes The 250 kN Precision Grips use jaw face carriers with spring-loaded pins to make changing faces easy. Specimen Stops Heavy-duty, machined specimen stops are designed to ensure repeatable specimen positioning under the most demanding applications.