Fixtures for Composites Testing

Measuring the compression and shear properties of composites requires many fixtures. In addition, variants are required to meet the needs of international standards (ASTM, ISO, EN, JIS, SACMA, etc.), or manufacturers (Boeing, Airbus/AITM, BSS, etc.).

Instron offers a wide range of accessories and fixtures for composite materials such as compression (ASTM D695), IITRI, shear, flatwise tensile, climbing drum, etc.

These fixtures are constructed from high quality materials and finished to a high standard - for use at temperatures between -70ºC and +250ºC (-94ºF and 392ºF).

In addition, adapters are available to mount these fixtures on top of existing grips - which allows the existing grips, which may be heavy and precisely aligned, to be left in place.

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