Composites - Fatigue and Fracture

Fatigue testing is critical for understanding the long term cyclic properties of composite materials - especially for mission critical applications such as aerospace, wind turbine, and automotive applications.

Servohydraulic Systems

Instron offers a family of industry-leading, digitally-controlled servohydraulic systems ranging from 5 kN (1,000 lbs) bench-top systems, to 2-column floor-mounted frames up to 250 kN (50,000 lbs), to 4-column systems up to 5 MN (1,000,000 lbs). These instruments are ideal for testing coupons and panels, as well as composite components or subassemblies.

Special configurations include multi-actuator, multi-axis (axial-torsion, planar biaxial), torsion, or rig systems for testing items both large and small.

Electrodynamic "ElectroPuls" Systems

For applications requiring forces less than 10 kN (2,000 lbs), Instron offers state-of-the-art non-hydraulic systems for dynamic and static applications. These all-electric machines are ideal for high speed, high cycle testing of coupons and smaller components.

Fatigue and Fracture

Both the servohydraulic and the ElectroPuls families of machines are directly suited for understanding both the fatigue and fracture properties of composite materials under cyclic loading.